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Spot TV

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$1.95 per family every 6 weeks

No opt out

Paragon Gymnastics offers SpotTV: a digital viewing platform so you can watch your child's class even when you are not at Paragon!  Spot TV allows parents to view their child's class on their phone or computer from anywhere!  You can have multiple profiles so that even Grandma can watch!

How To View on Spot TV

  • Download the "Spot TV Family" app on your phone

  • Click the yellow "New Here?  Sign Up" button on the bottom of the screen

  • Follow the prompts on screen to input you and your child(ren)'s information.

  • Choose the class day(s) and time(s) that your child is enrolled in (Example: Monday 4:30 PM)

  • Paragon will approve your request to view

  • Log in to your account and enjoy digitally viewing your child's gymnastics class!

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