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Proper Attire

Active wear, clothing that will not restrict movement, leotards, shorts with a t-shirt, warm-up pants with a t-shirt are acceptable.  Long hair must be tied back.  No belts, no jeans, no jewelry, no dresses, no tights or socks.


Snow Days

Paragon will only be closed if the Norwood Police advises that traveling is unsafe.  Paragon will e-mail our customers of any closings or delayed openings.  You can also check our website, or telephone us to hear a recorded message about any closing or delayed openings.  Please contact us to schedule your make-up and time.


Make-Up Classes

Make-Ups are given for absence and for missed classes due to snow days, inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.  You must be enrolled to participate in a make-up class.  WE DO NOT credit or refund for any missed classes.  Missed classes must be made-up within 6 weeks of the absence.  All make-ups expire at the start of the summer session and cannot be rolled over to the next school year.  Additional make-ups or scheduling consideration can be arranged for extended illness, or extenuating circumstances.  Please contact the office for details



Any child returning to Paragon after an injury or surgery MUST submit a doctor's note.  This very important policy is in our student's best interest, but is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian.  Please always check with your doctor and explain about movements specific to gymnastics such as rotating upside down, landing impact, stretching, cardio, and strength movement before you allow your child to return.



To ensure that your child feels well enough to participate in class safely, please do NOT send your child to class if they are displaying any signs of illness or lethargy.  If your child is coughing, sneezing, has a sinus infection, ie. green mucus, they should not attend class.  If your child is acting in a lethargic manner from a headache, lack of sleep or is experiencing other concerns, they should NOT participate in class.


Private Lessons

Private lessons are scheduled through the office.  Times are limited.  Each student must be registered and have paid the registration fee before beginning lessons.  A 24-hour notification to cancel a private lesson that has been scheduled with a coach is required to avoid being billed.

What is SpotTV?

SpotTV is a digital viewing platform that Paragon provides for all families.  This viewing platform allows you to view your child from anywhere with a smart phone, tablet, or computer.  All families that have at least one student enrolled automatically are enrolled in SpotTV, but must create a username and password before they can view their child.  Paragon approves each person who signs up, so it is very secure.  SpotTV is billed monthly per family.  There is no way to opt out of SpotTV. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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