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Showtime is our way of showcasing your child’s talents and progressions made throughout the year. If you would like to be part of this wonderful event the showtime package includes: Leotard – girls and T-shirt and shorts – boys, and a participation medal. The gym is transformed to accommodate parents, friends, and relatives to view this fun event.

Students MUST opt out of this event to not be charged.



The end of the season Panther Meet is usually held in the spring.  The date and time is announced approximately two months in advance.  This is a special event when friends and family are welcome to attend and support each team member as they demonstrate their skills in front of judges and their peers, and receive awards for the hard work and achievements they have accomplished all year. 


​Traveling competitive team meets are held at various locations throughout the year.  Schedule to be announced.  For more information about USAG Meets call 201-767-6921.

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