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Paragon’s Safety and Mission/Philosophy

“At Paragon, safety, achievement, and fun go hand in hand.”


Safety:  At Paragon, we take pride in providing a safe, healthy and fun environment for each child’s fitness and gymnastics development.  The owners and staff at Paragon Gymnastics follow a curriculum for teaching a variety of fitness programs and progressive gymnastics programs with safety in mind. 


Paragon safety exceeds fundamental procedures. Because we consider a student’s welfare as first and foremost, we do our best to limit injury risk, by practicing the following measures.  Background checks are performed on all Paragon staff members. All employees are required to be current with their USA Gymnastics Safety certifications, Paragon Evacuation Procedures, USAG Regulated Education Courses (Proper Executions of Gymnastics and Athletic Instruction and Techniques), as well as ensuring that, all employees must take the “USAG Safe Sport” (Child Abuse Prevention Course) and, all employees must become familiar with, and incorporate the USAG Equipment Safety Regulations and Guidelines.  All USAG coaches and managers are also First Aid certified, CPR Certified, and trained to use the on-site defibrillator.

Mission/Philosophy:  At Paragon, we believe that challenging a student’s mind in conjunction with the body are the building blocks for healthy well-rounded individuals.  The objective at Paragon is to provide a happy and healthy environment that motivates students to be confident and capable individuals. 


While safety is a key factor, and gymnastics and fitness the fundamental tools, our goal is also to teach caring, sharing, respect and communication within a group environment.  Our superior teaching staff is sensitive to the individual capabilities of each student in his/her class.  The small student to teacher ratio and the support of the managers and staff assistants, enables instructors and coaches to deal effectively with each student’s needs, and to progress them accordingly.


Paragon’s instructors and coaches work towards building a strong foundation through progressions and confidence building practices. Once a student is confident with all lead-up and basic skills, which are necessary to progress, he/she can advance to a more difficult skill.  These stepping stones are the building blocks that lead to self-esteem and achievement, which are the foundations for success.   


Our toddler through advanced gymnastics and various fitness programs are structured primarily by age and ability.  We strive, through challenges and accomplishments, to achieve self-esteem, self-discipline, self-confidence, goal setting, and good sportsmanship in all programs. Through the dedication, skills, and experience of our staff, we will venture on to achieve these goals. 

Misson Statement

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