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Paragon school of artistic Gymnastics (“Paragon”) is committed to making its programs and activities available on a nondiscriminatory basis as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”)


Paragon will not discriminate against any individual on the basis of disability with regard to the full and equal enjoyment of its goods, services, privileges, advantages and accommodations.  Paragon will make reasonable modifications to its programs for children with disabilities on a case-by-case basis, to permit them equal participation in Paragon’s programs, including parties at Paragon, unless Paragon can demonstrate that making the modifications would fundamentally alter the nature of its goods and services.


Individualized Assessment and Reasonable Modification


When informed that a child with a disability has applied to participate in one of Paragon’s programs or will be attending a Paragon party, Paragon will provide a written copy of this Policy upon request and, at the time a party is booked, to those who retain Paragon to host a party at Paragon.


When a request for a modification is made, Paragon will individually assess the needs of the child on whose behalf the request is made and will address each request for a modification on a case-by-case basis.  Paragon will work with families to provide reasonable modifications in accordance with this Policy and applicable laws and may, to that end, request certain documentation concerning the child’s needs.  Absent extenuating circumstances, Paragon will provide the parent/guardian with a decision on the request for a reasonable modification within 5 business days of the request having been made and prior to the start date of any scheduled program or party. 


If an agreement cannot be reached for Paragon to provide reasonable modifications, Paragon will notify the parent/guardian, in writing, of the modifications Paragon will provide (if any), which requested modifications it will not provide, and if so, why it will not provide them.  Pursuant to the ADA, Paragon may choose not to provide a modification if that modification would fundamentally alter the nature of its service, program, or activity.


Point of Contact

If you have any questions about this Policy, please contact the Office Manager.

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