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Jenn is a motivating instructor who strives to give each of her students the confidence it takes to achieve their goals and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Jenn's class environment is encouraging, uplifting and focused on each student's individual goals.  Her motto is "If you believe in yourself, you can do anything as long as you put a little hard work into it."  Jenn uses this philosophy to connect with each student and build their self esteem as the first foundation for working towards their aspirations.  Jenn is highly requested for classes and private lessons.  She instructs Parent-Tot classes through High School.  In addition to class instruction, Jenn is Head Panther Team Coach for levels 1 through 5, Head Cheer-Tumbling Coach for beginner through advanced tumblers, a  Birthday Party Manager, and Director of Social Media, Marketing and Web Design.  She clearly exhibits a genuine desire to help her students improve their gymnastics skills through building their self esteem.  She continually states how much she loves working with her students which is evident each time she receives and proudly displays each drawing, note of fondness, or home made treat from so many of her students.  ​

Jenn has been working at Paragon for 7 years.  She began as a Birthday Party Manager and quickly moved into instructing classes then coaching.  As the time progressed she accepted more responsibilities and increased her instruction abilities.  Jen handles her diversified duties efficiently and multi-tasks well.  But before Paragon, Jenn began her career in the Marketing, Social Media and Web Design Industry.  Her knowledge in this field has been a plus for Paragon, and she has stepped into the role of Director of Social Media, Marketing and Web Design with ease.  She does a wonderful job at balancing her office duties, Web Design and Social Media duties along side of her instruction and Party Management duties.  Jenn is always looking for ways to improve  Paragon through new innovative ideas, and marketing strategies.  Jenn feels that she enjoys her job so much because she has the best of both worlds.  At Paragon, Jenn is able to enjoy the satisfaction of keeping her original career media skills current, while she experiences the fulfillment of instructing a variety of students, on a variety of skill levels.  She continues to acquire new knowledge in both fields as she enjoys the best of both worlds each day.​

Jenn's Certifications and Qualifications                                Jenn's Interests
  • USAG Safety Certified

  • First Aid and CPR Certified

  • Degrees in Marketing and Management Information Systems

  • Girl Scout Silver and Gold Awards


  • Coaching Gymnastics
  • Working on the Website
  • Music
  • Sports New Jersey Devils
  • Movies
  • The Beach

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