Cleaning and Safety

At Paragon Gymnastics, your families safety is our top priority.  Below are some improvements and new practices that we have implemented to keep your children safe while they are having fun in class!

Please Note: if you see a class that is NOT social distancing, they are an Exclusive POD.  PODs do not social distance within their personal class.  PODs DO social distance from all the other students in the gym. 

Learn More About PODs Here!

  • Please label all of your children's belongings to avoid any confusion.  Items that should be labelled include but are not limited to: backpacks, shoes (especially uggs), water bottles, 

  • The gym has 24 foot ceilings and plenty of air flow in the 10,000 square foot space. 

  • We have large ceiling fans that continuously run to circulate the air in the gymnasium.

  • We have an air purifier which is continuously running and the filters are changed regularly.

  • The gym windows are opened in conjunction with our central ceiling exhaust fan every half hour to ventilate the gymnasium.

  • We have added a disinfectant fogger to our 7 day per week cleaning routine.  Cubbies and personal belonging baskets are fogged before and after each class hour.

  • We are cleaning all frequently touched surfaces between classes (Example: door knobs, light switches, etc.)

  • All faucets, paper towel dispensers, and soap dispensers are now touchless.

  • We have repainted where needed.

  • A new temporary procedure for drop-off and pick-up has been implemented to meet the CDC standards.

  • Everyone entering the building have their temperature taken with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with a fever of 100 degrees or higher is being sent home immediately.

  • Students are required to enter and exit the building individually or by family to ensure social distancing requirements are met.

  • Only students who are enrolled in a class may remain in the building after check-in.

  • In-person viewing will not be available until social distancing has been lifted. Parents and guardians will have access to digital viewing through Spot TV.

  • 6-foot distancing is designated in the lobby for removing shoes, socks, and/or outerwear

  • Larger personal belongings (such as book bags, winter coats, etc.) are being safely separated and contained in individual baskets. 

  • There is no admittance to the changing room.

  • Hand sanitizer is being administered for all staff and students when entering and exiting the facility (students may bring personal hand lotion to be used for sensitive hands)

  • Hand sanitizer is being administered for all staff and students before entering the gym (students may bring personal hand lotion to be used for sensitive hands)

  • Hand sanitizer is being administered for all staff and students after each rotation (students may bring personal hand lotion to be used for sensitive hands)

  • Hand sanitizer is at each station in the gym and will also be placed throughout the lobby area

  • Gloves will be available to staff for use as needed (example: when touching individual’s property, when handing something to a parent or student, etc.)

  • Water fountains and vending machines is being disabled.  

  • A pre-filled leak-proof water bottle is required with your child’s FIRST AND LAST NAME printed on it (gallon jugs are NOT permitted).  

  • Classes will individually get their water bottles during the drink break.

  • The amount of classes inside the gym has been reduced to 6 classes per hour (instead of the usual 8)

  • Class sizes are lowered to a maximum of 6 students per class (instead of the usual 8) to maintain social distancing within the space of Paragon’s facility.

  • Stations have been reconfigured to accommodate social distancing

  • Students maintain 6-foot distancing at each station, which is being clearly designated and supervised by the instructor during class.

  • To ensure 6-foot distancing, students do not move as a group.  Each student is being guided individually while on the premises (Ex: going to the bathroom, moving from station to station, etc.) 

  • Lesson plans have been modified to avoid the need for spotting (physically helping a child through a skill) If spotting becomes necessary for the safety of the student, hand sanitizer will be immediately administered.

  • Instructors are being required to wear masks unless not recommended to do so (ex: asthma).

  • In the interest of everyone’s safety, if class participants are unable to follow social distancing guidelines, parents will be contacted for early pick up.





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